Mission Revolutionizing food
technology to enhance
self-sufficiency in
the space era


Over the past few decades, the severity of food issues has escalated with changes in global environment such as the rapid growth of developing countries, global population explosion, and shift in consumer perception regarding animal-derived protein. Meanwhile, dramatic technological advances have increased the possibility of living in space. To innovate life both on earth and in space, we will utilize our biotechnological inventions and regulatory science, made through regenerative medicine, for “secure, safe, and stable” food in the future.

Hyperion FoodTech Co. will provide new options for global food issues and achieve food self-sufficiency for a prosperous space society.

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Technology Pluripotent stem cells were successfully established from fertilized Japanese bovine embryos.

Hyperion FoodTech Co. has successfully established pluripotent stem cells from fertilized Japanese bovine embryos and preserved them for several dozen passages by applying our technology, BEEF cell (Bovine Embryo-derived stem cell for Engineered Food or Bovine Embryo-derived Element Forming cell), developed through regenerative medicine. Furthermore, we demonstrated that BEEF cells differentiated into skeletal muscle cells, the main constituent cells of cultured meat. To realize the practical use of the cultured meat, we are conducting in-house and joint research to develop technologies for producing desirable “safer and stable” BEEF cells, efficiently inducing their differentiation into cultured meat, establishing low-cost culture media and mass culture methods, and supplying the cells.


Science and Technology Advisor

  • Hidenori AKUTSU
    Hidenori AKUTSU
    Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine
    Director of the Division of Reproductive Medicine
    National Center for Child Health and Development

Company Profile

Company name
Hyperion FoodTech Co.
Head Office: Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Tokyo Research Institute: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Date of foundation
April 1, 2023
Details of business
Research and development of new food materials for the space age by applying biotechnology developed through regenerative medicine and gene therapy technologies
Kazuhiro Takekita & Takafumi Konishi
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please contact us by e-mail.